So how did you spend your day inside? Me, I did some laundry, cleaned up in a half-assed way, watched Coraline, experimented with a new hair-washing technique that may serve me well in Outer Mongolia (I rinsed with vinegar, and now I smell so tangy. Will this cut down the oiliness, as advertised? Only time will tell), and then started to think seriously about The Uniform.

Deciding what to do with our stuff, getting a head start on learning Mongolian, dealing with paperwork, making a schedule of what needs to get done in the next four months: none of these activities appeals to me. But figuring out what I’m going to wear for the next two years? Yes please! Where’s my mirror and my camera?

So according to various sources, Mongolians dress to impress in the workplace, and they also wear the same three outfits again and again. This sounds like an inspired sartorial lifestyle to me. We should all have our priorities so straight.

Originally I had delusions of buying a whole new wardrobe for the Peace Corps, but then American University cashed my tuition check. Oh right! I don’t actually own that money anymore. Let’s see what I’ve got in my closet?

What I’ve got in my closet, though, is a lot of crap. Polyester crap, ill-fitting crap, thrift store crap, crap that doesn’t go with anything else crap. The items of clothing you see here are pretty much the only things I have that fit the following criteria:

a) not made out of synthetic materials that will become stinky after dozens upon dozens of wears
b) can be mixed and matched
c) are office appropriate
d) are not horrible to look at or wear
e) stand at least half a chance of not falling apart in the next 27 months
Man, I can’t wait to fob off the rest of my junk in a yard sale.

Anyway, I’ve had a few beers this afternoon and I apologize for making you look at my outfits. I think this is interesting! Don’t you? Clearly the most important thing to do when joining the Peace Corps is to obsess over your clothes.

And finally, I think we should address the matter of my guns:

That will be all. Good night.


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  1. Cecily

    Some people have a sewing machine and giant piles of all-natural fabric and other piles of patterns and books about patterns and books about sewing without patterns. Some people might trade you labor and fabric for choice items from your polyester wardrobe. Take it under consideration.

  2. Megan

    WHERE did you get your Coraline copy? I must have it now. Right. Now. The OnDemand selection in this here stir-crazy apartment is depressing. Tell me I before I pay to watch "Love Happens" or some other drivel.

  3. Marissa

    I love everything about this use of your time. And I cannot believe I have not yet done something similar.

    • I can’t believe it either, frankly. What else are you going to do, go to class? Ha ha ha! This is funny because we’re never going to go anywhere ever again.

  4. dave

    i am going to tell you some important recent events for mongolia. asashoryu, the first mongolian yokozuna, and one of the longest running, was forced into retirement this week. he had beaten up some guy in a bar and then told the taxi driver to drive them to the river so he could kill him. but i think he prolly just wanted to make him pee his pants. i am a big asashoryu fan, i have towels and cups with his face. now hes in hawaii, and its on the news all day.

  5. I don’t mean to almost always say something product-related when I comment on your blog, but for the hair thing, baby powder really does the trick. Shake some on your hair, tousle, then vigorously rumple your hair until it comes out. Rumple again when people at work ask you about all the white spots in your hair. Ta da! Shower- and grease-free for days!

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