What time is it?  Dinnertime!

I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting our meals in the lead-up to our departure so that one day, when we’re in the depths of our two-year mutton diet, we will be able to look back on dinners past and weep.  So, allow me to recommend these things to you: this rice-lentil-onion-pilaf-thing, and this chickpea-swiss-chard-thing.

In other news: this morning, I found myself near a department store with loads of time on my hands, and so my Mongolian Wardrobe Spending Xtravaganza continues apace.

Although not with this awful coat, oof.

With this one!  It had a furry hood and was about 80% off.  Who could resist.

I gotta wrap this up; Ryan and I are watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and I can’t concentrate.  Did you know that “Spaghetti Western” means “Western movie filmed by Italians and dubbed in English?”

We didn’t.


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