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Hey, I’m not actually writing a blog post at all!  I’m just asking you for a favor, like a jerk.

Some lovely people have done this for me already, but:

Would you be so kind as to click on that there link, take that there survey, and help me with my homework?  I have nothing but endless love and appreciation for you, if you do.  If you don’t, you can go suck an egg for all I care, god, whatever.

Just kidding!  Please don’t go!  I mean you can go now but TAKE MY SURVEY FIRST



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Spring Break You Guys WHOOOOOO

Apparently I don’t have class this week?  Up until three days ago I was still unsure of when, exactly, American University had its spring break.  I’ve been very busy procrastinating on doing my papers, and looking up weird travel destinations in Siberia, and commuting two hours round trip for my part-time job, and working part-time, and tutoring this one dude, and drinking alarming amounts of beer, and wearing an ass-groove* in the couch while frantically doing my papers.  Obviously I had no time to take 15 seconds to check the academic calendar.

And now it’s spring break, and I know six people who are cavorting around in South America right now on their vacations from grad school; me, I spent the entire day inside my basement apartment in Washington D.C., trying to use up about four pounds of aging vegetables.

So if you should also find yourself with a bunch of carrots that are starting to sprout little hairy tentacles, please do the following:

1.  Cook two onions in half a stick of butter for forever.

2.  Grate up some ginger and roast yourself a clove of elephant garlic.

3.  Add those things to the onions, along with some tomatoes and some lemon zest and the carrots.

4.  Then cover it with broth and simmer it and puree it and add some lemon juice and oh jesus, lord, yes, please god jesus help me help me JESUS:

It’s tasty.

And if you should also have a bag of spinach that went ignored in your weeklong pizza-eating extravaganza, why not make yourself some spinach pesto?

Here, then, is Entry #2 in my Series Of Delicious Things We Won’t Be Able To Eat For Two Years.

Although I guess the carrot soup might be sort of possible?  But probably not.

* I like how I went to all the trouble of creating this new, separate blog so that I could have a more professional space for writing about my upcoming assignment with a government agency, and it took me all of eight entries before I went back to using phrases like “ass-groove”


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