I’m in the internet cafe right now.  There are a bunch of little kids up in here.  One of them is leaning against me, looking at my monitor and picking his nose.  Another one drank some of my water earlier.  All of them have hi’d me at least once.  There are also two obnoxious teenage boys, who are playing some kind of killing-people-PC-game and who yell “YAAAAH” every time they shoot somebody.

I took a shower yesterday, but somehow I can still smell my feet from here.

So anyway!  Let’s look at some pictures.

This was the view from our van as we drove from orientation to training last month.  It took about two hours.  It was weird knowing that our windows were in fact windows, and were not, say, TV screens.

Here is the babiest baby.  I’m not sure who he belongs to, but he was spectating at this weekend’s volleyball tournament.  Guess whose team won?

Orange team!  That’s what’s up.  Here you see me, looking really attractive, and my host mom, who has a rather impressive serve.

Oh man.  One of these little rugrats just came up to me, said, “Big sister,” and then made a super obscene hand gesture (!!!)(I believe you might be familiar with it?  It involves the index finger of one hand, and an orifice made with the index and thumb of the other hand?)(again !!!)  I grabbed his arm (the look on his face was priceless) and hissed “never never never” and he pouted and said “okay” and then I let go.

I win!  Time to clear out.  Seeya.


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  1. sarah

    That last part. I love it so much.

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