Oh hello! I see you found our apartment building.

Well come on up, and be sure to heed Skeletor’s Warning in the stairwell:

He may be rude, but he speaks the truth.


Ryan is very happy to see you, too.

Oh, this?  It’s just my furs.

Do you like it?  I got it at an estate sale right before we left D.C., and it is fabulous.  Right now I just wear it when I’m mooning around the apartment, but someday soon — oh yes, someday soon — I will wear it out and take Erdenet’s fashion scene by storm/avoid freezing my neck off on the walk to work.

So anyway, let me give you a tour:

Here’s our kitchen, which comes with many handy, fully-operational appliances.  Except for the oven, which doesn’t work.  It just sits there and mocks me while I dream about roasted garlic.

The door leads to our balcony, which we don’t use for anything, really.  We probably should’ve spent more time out there when it was still warm.

The living room, with its plants and extremely large sofa!

Another view of the living room, with its TV and twin Chinggises!  The TV gets a handful of Mongolian channels, a slightly bigger handful of Russian channels, and the Cartoon Network.

Here’s me in the bathroom, gazing at our shower.

Here’s my pride and joy, the Samsung washing machine.  The first time we used it, we discovered a nice little surprise: When it’s finished with a load, it plays the exact same song that our washing machine in Korea used to play.  Oh Samsung!  Your beeps and boops are the soundtrack of my life.

This guy needs no introduction.

And I’d show you the bedroom, but it’s kind of messy at the moment.  So here’s the view out the living room window instead:

And here’s a picture of the quivering, glistening, bloody mound of cowflesh that I bought at the market last week:

We had some of Ryan’s coworkers over for dinner last Saturday, see, and even though vegetarianism is slowly gaining currency in big cities like Erdenet, I figured we should suck it up and serve meat like good hosts.  And although trimming the fat off this bad boy was somewhat traumatic, hot DAMN this (organic, free-range, steppe-grass-fed) beef made a tasty chili.  I think the coworkers liked it, too.  Maybe we won’t be quite so vegetarian here after all.



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7 responses to “

  1. Things I like:

    1) Twin Chinggises… STARING AT EACH OTHER LOVINGLY????

    2) The Samsung jingle. My rice cooker does the same thing. Hilar.

    3) YOUR FUCKING APARTMENT! Especially that enormous sofa. I can’t wait to come crash on it someday.

    4) Ryan.

    5) You.

    6) Skeletor.

  2. Sweet Jonny B

    Yes, all of those things and more. You get Cartoon Network? Like… you can still watch Adult Swim?

    Also, I mean, the internet, so really… you can watch damn near anything you please!

    Also, that apartment is maybe better than ours? Look at that sweet sofa! Look how clean and breezy and full of natural light it is! You guys got it good.

  3. dave

    you lace curtain bastards! that is looking good. is hakuho, the mongolian sumo yokozuna (who is about to beat the record for most conscecutive wins) famous in mongolia?

  4. Well you are all, with the exception of John Russell, invited to experience the apartment for yourselves. John, your dusty Dornod ass can stay out on the balcony, no couch 4 u.

    Jon there’s no Adult Swim, but there is Flapjack, which I’d never seen before and is now my new favorite thing.

    I dunno about Hakuho, but I’m gonna try and make some small talk about him this week! People are probably bananas for him.

  5. FLAPJACK. I love it so much. Also i did not know you were vegetarians.

  6. Zaya

    How could you find this good apartment here in choibalsan city? I came here and tried my best to get a good one. But there were no empty apartments to rent. I came here to work as an air traffic controller at the Dornod Airport for 2 months that is why I looked for accomodation. U’re lucky. Good Luck then.

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