It’s pumpkinninny!*


Gosh it’s been a long time since we had ourselves a nice food blog.  I considered sharing our We Sure Have Spent All Our Money Potato Soup with you, but it wasn’t that exciting.  Butter, potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, bouillon cube, water, cream, dill.  Mash it, hot sauce it, eat it.  Do you have zero dollars and a sack of free root vegetables courtesy of your sitemates?  Will you shamelessly eat what is essentially a bowl of mashed potatoes for your dinner?  For a week?  Then I heartily recommend it.

What I do want to share with you, however, is this exciting new addition to the Erdenet produce scene:

Look at it.  Magnificent!  So colorful, so round, so novel.  I’ve never been interested in pumpkins before (I actually kind of hate all forms of squash, in much the same way that I hate all forms of melon), but there’s something about A New Thing At The Market that makes Peace Corps volunteers go a little loopy.  Even pampered ones like us (see: the bunch of fresh cilantro in the bowl).

As a for instance: One day last spring, I stopped by my trusty Vegetable Lady on the way home from school and found bunches and bunches of fresh celery.  My god!  Beautiful little baby stalks of celery, in Erdenet, Mongolia!  In March!  I snatched some up like a crazed rodent and then scurried home, chattering wildly to myself.  I chopped up the whole mess of it and used the last of my precious lentils to make a soup.  We ate it for dinner that night, and it really wasn’t until the first spoonful that I remembered: Celery Is Disgusting And I Hate It.

Ugh, wasted lentils.  Why.

But Mr. Pumpkin hasn’t let me down.  I think I don’t actually hate all kinds of squash.  It’s just that I don’t like the flavors that usually go with them: Cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar.  Bleh.  GIVE ME SODIUM.

And so I recommend these things to you: Pumpkin congee and beans ‘n’ rice with roasted pumpkin. These two dishes are excellent examples of the type of meal I most like to make, which is Stuff Piled On Top Of Other Stuff.

Also I would like you to note how I am poaching eggs and making my own tortillas these days, just like a real adult person.

Thank you.




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11 responses to “It’s pumpkinninny!*

  1. i know longer like your blog. if you’d like my readership to return, please only post pictures of bantan or har shul from now on.

  2. however, i do love mr show, so i’ll let it slide…


    • PRAISE JESUS THANK YOU phew. May you never discover that Ryan is actually the Mr. Show fan, and that I have just been piggybacking on his taste in comedy for the last ten years.

      I’ve…said too much

  3. dave

    how are you making those tortillas. ¿Cuál es la receta, mi amiga hermosa? Creo que se trata de la presión y el amor y el peligro

    • Donde esta la biblioteca? Two cups flour, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp oil, 3/4 cups warm water; mix it, knead it, leave it alone in a covered bowl for 30 min, then break off little balls and roll em out and cook em in a hot dry pan. It’s not the most authentic recipe but I dunno how to go about getting lard, or should I say MANTECA DE CERDO AY YAY YAY YAY

      • dave

        nice, i think no matter what, its going to be more authentic than the old el paso ones that cost like 6 bucks.

  4. Sweet Jonny B

    Looks like some mighty tasty vittles in any country.

  5. Katie- thanks for the nice comment on my picture, and thanks for the awful comment about my new boyfriend. Yuck. 🙂

    I found a pumpkin in the BU last month… I’m hoarding it until the day it finally goes bad. I just like looking at it and pretending I can go down the road to a Whole Foods and get wondrous things. I jealous of your foods 😦

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