A delicate, cottonlike snowflake has fallen on your face, my dear

Happy Holidays, e’erybody.

We had a traditional Erdenet Christmas, with a little bit of this:

And then some of this:

And finally a dash of this:

As Christ himself intended.

So what is the title of this post, you ask?  ‘Tis a rough translation of the first line of the song I had to sing at my school’s Shin Jil party (the rest of my verse went something like, “The snow is cold; nevertheless, it has melted, honey”).  I was the fourth singer in the foreign language department’s multi-song medley.  Four minutes of a hastily rehearsed, mistake-ridden winter song mashup, with a mid-medley interlude of rapping and awkward group dancing.  The microphones, they screeched with feedback; our singers, they fell behind the beat (or, in my case, mispronounced things). I asked my training manager to take a video of the whole thing and now the file sits on our camera, waiting for me to watch it and share it with you people.  One day, I will have the balls to do this.  But today is not that day.

Afterwards, we retired to our table and did the only thing you can do after embarrassing yourself in front of the whole school: Drink and take a million pictures of yourself.

The photos started out classy:

Got a little bit sassier:

And then, finally, people stopped paying attention to the camera:

Until Batja (the saucy lady being whispered to, above) seized the camera from me and spent the next two hours being the Erdenet Complex School Shin Jil Event Photographer.  The next day, my lens was smeared with gunk, the camera body had been glitterbombed, and I had roughly 500 extra photos on my card (that the whole school will be wanting on their flash drives come Monday).

But it’s cool, because she took some good shots of me!  Me, baby, me:

Speaking of glitter, check out Khishgee’s ‘do:

She don’t mess around.

Here is a photo of Erdenebayar and me (I don’t know why I’m so worried about that apple):

And here are Erdenebayar’s quotes from the evening:

  • “Katie.  Is my hair stupid?”
  • “Katie.  We did not drink beer together this month.”
  • “Katie.  This is your last Shin Jil.”

Girl, don’t remind me.

Happy 2012, everybody.


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