Kickin’ it in Erdenet



One night, a few of us were at a volunteer’s apartment, painting the walls of a poorly ventilated room, listening to tunes, as we do.  A catchy song came on.  Somebody complimented it.  Gracie mentioned a fun video that a dancer made for the song, and we all gathered around the soft glow of YouTube to watch it.



“OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL LET’S DO IT HERE IN ERDENET,” we shrieked, possibly high on paint fumes.  “IT’LL BE EASY! IT WON’T TAKE LONG AT ALL!”

That was four months ago.



But it’s done now, and in case you haven’t seen our posts all over Facebook (heh sorry), please enjoy:

Well!  There you have it.  The (non-Peace Corps Volunteer) dancers are, basically, those nearest and dearest and most likely to humor us: Coworkers, teachers, students, Movie Night regulars, kiddos from the orphanage, hashaa family members.  In the beginning we envisioned having random people in it (which was delusional; did we really think we would just walk up to old guys in deels on the street and have them do the Dougie for us?) but that’s okay, because this video ain’t about randos anyway.  It’s about remembering the people we know, the people who really matter, the people who are awesome enough to let us film them dancing and then post it on the internet.

Now that it’s over, I just don’t know who I’ll boss around what I’ll do.



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4 responses to “Kickin’ it in Erdenet

  1. Sweet Jonny B


  2. Um. Yeah. That’s ridiculously legit.

  3. Eily

    This. Is. Amazing.

  4. It’s wonderful! Thank you. RMG’s “Pops”

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